Kandy Consulting Group (KCG) based in Kandy, Sri Lanka is a Company Incorporated under the Companies Act of Sri Lanka, with its main object of conducting Socio Economic Research. 

KCG was established in 2005 out of the growing research and development needs in the local business sector, but also having an international focus.

KCG is a multi-faceted company setup with the capacity to provide consultancy services in many fields including Management and Information Technology.

KCG maintains firm global links, both individual and institutional, in the areas of its professional interests.  KCG pursues active interest in collaborating with locally and internationally acclaimed professionals and institutions, and holds High Quality Process and Delivery as its prime service standard.

What we offer

Policies, Procedures and Personnel

One of the key strengths of KCG is the screening and recruitment policy of office staff and field researchers.  Many of our Research Assistants are undergraduates who are meticulously trained, monitored and progressively developed in their skill through each survey they engage in.

KCG also has highly competent and experienced office staff who engage in administering the surveys and other undertakings of the company.

KCG is focused on maintaining best practices and all its procedures are centered on good governance and fair and open business ethics.


Equipment and Facilities

KCG departments are equipped to handle major assignments with internet, computer and bulk printing / copying facilities.

The Research Department facilities include: personal computers, scanners, and has access to GPS units. 

KCGs facilities also include equipment needed for conducting of training programs.